Find your direction


Where are you and where you want to go?

In private life

You are an architect of your life, a unique being in this world. We will assist you on your journey of realising your own dreams, creating your own unique and fulfilled life story.

In business

Every day, you work with diligence, persistence and responsibility. We will assist you to stand tall, see things from a greater perspective, gain motivation and a new kind of inner power to lead your company or your team exactly where you envision.

Who we are?

AUMAKUA CENTER | Connects the best on the earth plane: the mind and the body and the best on the spiritual plane: the spiritual essence and the purest spiritual nature. AU in a sense of time and space and MAKUA in a sense of divinity.

We are experienced managers, team-leaders, ICF certificate coaches and people who love life. We have a long experience in both personal and team coaching, leadership, in uncovering the human potential and inner personal motivation. We help all those that have decided they are not satisfied with their current state and want to make a change. Besides working with the mind, we train the body and thanks to our personal spiritual praxis, we incorporate meditation as well that is essential for understanding the power of one’s intuition and the importance of inner peace. Our characters are different, we all look at life from different angles and in our own specific way, we gain and keep balance and find optimal solutions. We are fulfilling our own dream.

“We create the space where power and happiness are balanced.”

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